Bye Bye Facebook Wall!

Facebook has been innovating many new ideas throughout. We have shared many things on our Facebook wall so far, but it is often difficult to track what we have shared. Facebook has now lauched a new Timeline instead of Facebook Wall to overcome this.

Advantages of TimeLine are:

  1. Old stuff wont vanish when we share new stuffs
  2. Timeline is a lot more visual than wall, apart from profile pic now users can set their cover pic.
  3. We can view important updates, events in our timeline. If an important update has been skipped, we can go back and add them.
  4. The private activity log helps us to get the details of all things which we have shared so far. It is possible to feature an update on Timeline.
  5. The new social apps on timeline allows us to add things which we like to do on our timeline.

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