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Get Notified Every Time GoogleBot Crawls Your WP Blog

In this post I will demonstrate how to use PHP to get notifications when Google Bot crawls your web page or WP Blog. This will help you with SEO. Using WP Functions: Here I will use get_bloginfo(); and get_the_title(); to get title of the page. This is important to know the webpage which has been just crawled by […]

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jQuery Counting No of Clicks

You can count no of clicks in your web page using jQuery .click() function. This is helpful if you want to track no of downloads in your webpage or no of hits for an article etc. In this post i will demonstrate counting no of clicks using jQuery, PHP and MYSQL. sql file CREATE TABLE […]

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How To Create Virtual Wikipedia

In this tutorial learn how to build a virtual Wikipedia using PHP. Wikipedia is very popular and most powerful online encyclopedia, By implementing virtual Wikipedia you can let users to read Wikipedia articles in your website. The Wikipedia API Demo Wikipedia uses MediaWiki CMS, Using MediaWiki API we can implement Virtual Wikipedia. The XML URL […]

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Simple Twitter Oauth Login

Twitter is a micro blogging website. You can enable twitter users to sign up for your website using Twitter Oauth.  Once user signs up, you can post tweets for the user and also read tweets using Token and Secret which you get. Download Demo First, you need to register a Twitter Application. Once you register […]

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Installing WordPress on Windows using WAMP

Installing Wordpress on Windows using WAMP

In this tutorial, i will explain How to install WordPress on Windows using WAMP. WordPress is the best blogging tool and WAMP(Windows Apache MySQL and PHP) is an opensource software, that enable a Apache Server environment. Things Required Download WordPress Download WampServer Once you have installed WAMP Server in your system, Unpack WordPress files and […]

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NannuFeed A jQuery Based Feed Plugin

NannuFeed is a free jquery based feed reader plugin. NannuFeed is released under MIT Licence and GPL. NannuFeed is lightweight and is easy to use. Features of NannuFeed are Easy to use and customize. Automatic Feed Detection from given URL. Inbuilt TimeAgo Plugin. Customized Error Message. External Feeds are loaded via PHP or Python Proxy. […]

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